Kaitlin Klingbeil, graphic designer and photographer.

I create graphic design content for print and web while exploring photographic projects on my own time.

My love for design and photography comes from my love for nature and wildlife. Growing up in a family that took yearly vacations to national parks and other historic locations exposed me to a variety of places and people. Photographing those places started out as a way to preserve memories and eventually grew into my desire to present them to others from different perspectives–ones that I had seen firsthand.

I'm especially interested in textures and patterns, both in design and photography. The intricacy of something seemingly small and simple becomes beautiful through repetition. Through my six years of professional design experience I have learned how to incorporate elements of photography into my designs and vice versa. I have spent over eight years developing and sharpening my photography skills as well.

When I'm not designing or exploring behind a camera, I enjoy snowboarding in the winter and lounging around in the grass in the summer.

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On a family vacation to Glacier National Park in 2014.

On a family vacation to Glacier National Park in 2014.